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Organisation Name : India Water Portal
Organisation Website :
Contact Name : Arun Patre
Contact Phone : +91-80-41698941
Contact Email :
Job Industry : ***
Job Title : Researcher - Data & Government Policies
Skill : ***
Educational Qualification : Undergraduate, Graduate or Post Graduate students with interest in areas such as Social work, Environmental law, Environmental Science, Social Entrepreneurship, Public Policy, MBA, Capacity building, Urban Planning, Architecture, Sociology, Human Rights, International Finance Corporations etc.
Position Type : Internship
City / District : Bangalore
State : Karnataka
Description : Duration of the project : 2 Months

There is a lot of confusion about data related to water. Most of the available data is with the government and it is not easy to get the data. Even for the data that is given away by the government, the procedure for getting the data is not easy and so the data is not widely available. Many organizations who work closely with the government have over time got a lot of data in the course of their interactions but that data does not get disseminated more widely.

The researcher would gather as much water data as possible from Government and other organizations. Research methodology would include researching online for all the available information, meeting with government officials, and networking with other researchers in this field.

Computers - Interns must bring their own laptops or at least have a home computer.
Costs – India Water Portal will not be able to provide any financial support for interns. However any expenses for work-related travel and for consumables would be reimbursed.
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