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About Green Economy India
Green Economy India has been formed to facilitate the shift towards a more financially sustainable and environmentally stable economy, through businesses, education and jobs.
We provide solutions for businesses, for students, for workers, education institutions and entrepreneurs. These are all stakeholders which are key in shifting our economy towards low carbon intensity. From the innovation of green economy solutions created in university hubs by students and professors, to employees skilled to carry out the green work, to the businesses that invest and provide green services and products.
Green Economy India has been formed in the wake of a global financial crisis, a slowdown in domestic growth and the dawn of a recession in many parts of the world. India faces severe impacts from climate change in the business as usual scenario and needs to move swiftly. Even if we disregard the existence of climate change it makes sense for India to shift to a low carbon, greener economy. This is due to the issues of energy scarcity, issues of the environment such as air pollution, and the economics of rising prices associated with unsustainable practices, and declining prices associated with environmentally friendly practices. Finally, India also currently has 34million unemployed job seekers; hundreds of millions that are sub-employed, and will see an additional 300million enter the workforce over the next 20 years.
This combined, we feel that if India is to become a super power we need to shift the way we do things. We can’t follow all the practices of the industrialised nations, not only due to the impacts of climate change, but because India is a unique country like none other, and has a rich traditional culture of ensuring environmental and economic sustainability amongst its people – meaning India will need its own unique solution – its own green economy.
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