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Build a sustainable economy and environment
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Want to make some quick cash?
Why not become a Green Economy India ambassador on your campus or in your region? We’re looking for dynamic young people wanting to green up India’s economy by helping us find other individuals keen on getting a green job.
what does it mean to be an ambassador?
A Green Economy India ambassador requires you to spread the good word about green jobs and a green economy, and recruit individuals who want to be employed in a green job – all while being paid!
This is a casual job, and can be done in many ways through setting up stalls on campus, at eco-fairs, at college and community festivals, partnerships with careers department or any other creative ways you can think up!
Your responsibilities will include being a contact point in your college and region for Green Economy India, and for setting up opportunities to spread the word. The skills we are looking for are people who are:
  • Well networked in their college with professors, careers department, student groups and students.
  • Outgoing and articulate in their local language, Hindi and English.
  • Confident at organising.
  • Have worked on environmental issues and in the community.
  • Have a strong understanding of economics, the environment and environmental economics.
For more information or if you’re interested in applying, please email
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