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Green Business Consulting
Business will see four main impacts due to climate change. They will face regulatory risk, physical risk, reputational risk, and risk from various other changing market forces. Business have two choices, they can either deal with the threats, or act early and avoid the threats and create potential opportunities for themselves.
With changing national and international regulatory and business environments, businesses will have to become better at capturing and documenting carbon and environmental data for auditing and consumer purposes.
We at Green Economy India provide various consulting services to support your business in capitalising on risks, and avoiding the threats. We provide consulting services on:
Business Risk & Opportunities Assessment
Green Economy India will construct a map of your business, its market, its stakeholders, its supply chain and other relevant factors. This will be followed by an assessment of what parts of your business will be potentially affected by what factors relating to climate change and the environment, and what level of exposure you will face in those different areas. We will visually present potential impacts your businesses profit and loss statement. At the end of the analysis we will provide a set of recommendations for your business to adopt.
Carbon Management
Green Economy India provide both a carbon audit and a set of recommendations on how to manage your company’s carbon footprint. Based on the information available, the footprint will be measured and divided based on the businesses activities and processes, and a set of projections made on potential future footprints. We will quantify the carbon exposure, and assign costs to abatement opportunities to ascertain the cost to the organisation. Finally we will provide a set of recommendations for a carbon strategy on abatement, on how to capitalise on low hanging fruit and a pathway on how to make a sustainable and profitable transition into a low carbon business.
Corporate Social Responsibility
With rising consciousness on climate change issues and media coverage, stakeholders, including consumers, clients, investors and employees are demanding for their companies to go green because it is the “right thing to do”. Green Economy India will work with you to build a CSR plan on potential activities to undertake and how to best report and communicate your company’s environmental footprint and green activities. And how to incorporate “green” into your brand.
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