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Green Career Counselling
Don’t know how to move forward in your career? Hearing everybody talking about climate change? Care about the environment, poverty and other social issues? Green Economy India will sit down and do one-to-one counselling sessions to help you move forward with different career and job options. We will do an analysis of your strengths, passions, interests, skills, knowledge, education and background and accordingly work through with you the different career options and put you in touch with relevant education institutions and various job opportunities.
Our methodology will involve:
Doing a full analysis of your skills, knowledge and education: this is important because head hunters look for specific skills set, and if you don’t hold the required skills set you will potentially be held back from pursuing a green job.
Doing a full analysis of your passions, strengths, interest and background: regardless of your education background, people come with a wide variety of less formal assets in the form of their interests and strengths. These are equally (sometimes more) important because it allows for increased motivation to learn and get work done, increased creativity which usually improves quality and efficiency of the work done. Some of the greatest thinkers and businessmen in the world didn’t complete or do well at their formal education, however worked with their interests and strengths and have become pioneers in their field.
Understanding and deciding what industry works best for you: it may be sustainable agriculture, or eco-fashion design, it may be manufacturing solar panels, or designing environmentally sustainable homes – we will place you in an industry that works best for you.
Understanding and deciding what career model works for you: Are you an entrepreneur, or a worker? Do you want to work for an NGO, government or for profit organisations? Are you a parent, a student or have other commitments? Green Economy India ensures that you move towards a path that is financially secure, however also tailor it to your happiness, circumstances, needs and desires.
Our Outcomes will include:
  • Recommendation of required education to work in your desired green career
  • Recommendation of different job opportunities or entrepreneurial opportunities
  • Direction towards and connecting you with the relevant organisations and people to move forward
  • An offer to continue a mentoring program
If you’re interested in receiving more details or a quote on the counselling, please email
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