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Green Courses Directory
There is an increasing demand amongst students for green courses and degrees that provide them with the knowledge needed to equip them for a rapidly changing business environment and shift in all sectors. In addition to this, businesses are increasingly demanding for more workers with the right skills to complete their projects and work, hence it is crucial that the education sector disseminates the right curricula to students, in order to adequately prepare them for a decent paying job.
Green Economy India aims to provide a database of university courses that are either focused on climate change and environmental issues (i.e. environmental science) and its solutions (i.e. renewable energy engineering), or incorporate the environment and climate change as a part of their curricula (i.e. a subject or a major on carbon finance).
We are currently in phase 1 of our website, and will be launching phase 2 at the end of February which is when we will launch the Green Education directory. In the meantime we will be collecting information on green courses and subjects offered in India and abroad. If you know of any green courses, or are an education institution that provides green courses, subjects, diploma’s or degrees, send through the full details to
Bachelor of Science (Env. Sc.)
BE in Environmental Engineering
BTech in Environmental Engineering
Carbon Finance Course
Masters in Science (Env. Sc.)
Masters in Environmental Planning
Mtech/ME in Environmental Engineering
ME in Hydraulics and Flood Engineering
Phd & Mphil in Environmental Management
Phd in Environmental Protection and Management
Phd in Environmental Science
Phd in Environmental technology
Phd in Environmental Engineering
PG Diploma Course in (Env.Sci)
Phd in Forest Ecology, Biodiversity & Environmental Sciences
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