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Green Jobs Training & Workshops
Green Economy India provides two day training courses and one to three hour workshops providing you with basic skills and knowledge on climate change and environmental sustainability within business, that will increase your green job potential. We will do an introduction on climate change and its solutions, an over view of the carbon markets, environmental regulation, shifting markets forces and stakeholder values, and finally case studies from different industries exemplifying the Green jobs created.
We also provide two day training courses on leadership and team building that will give you soft skills to empower you with the skills that will give you the extra edge during interviews and at work. Skills such as speaking well in front of an audience, putting together and giving presentations, working in a team and basic work ethic will all be provided in this training.
We can come into your workplace, institution, college or school to hold these trainings, and will be holding them ourselves as well for individuals to participate in. Each training will be tailored to your type of organisation and your industry.
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