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What they do:
Ayurvet Limited is one of India's leading animal care companies specializing in 100% natural & safe herbal products. The company's portfolio includes herbal healthcare and nutritional products catering to a wide range of animal species.
  1. Cattle Products
  2. Poultry Products
  3. Animal Feed
  4. Equine Products
  5. Other Products
About the organization:
Ayurvet commenced operations in the year 1992 with the objective of utilising the goodness of Ayurveda to help alleviate the problems of the animal population.

Since inception, innovation through intensive research has remained the driving force of the company as it strives hard to prove the effectiveness, safety and sustainability of herbals in improving animal health and production.

Quality assurance is the key to achieve high customer satisfaction. Ayurvet’s activities stem from the firm conviction that the efficacy and quality of products is no accident or coincidence. Instead, they can only come from a well thought-out, planned scientific approach to the collection of herbs, standardization of ingredients, processing of all the raw materials and proper packaging of formulations.

Ayurvet works for a challenging and inspiring mission : "To be the leader in providing safe, dependable and environment-friendly solutions for animal health care".
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