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Choice Solar India Pvt. Ltd.
What they do:
Choice Solar provides affordable, durable, “plug & play” solar solutions to people in unelectrified and marginally electrified regions of India.
About the Organisation:
Choice Solar was founded by Ravi Sinha and Katherine Cleland in 2007.

Choice Solar is focused on bringing affordable, durable, solar solutions to a vast number of people living in unelectrified regions of the world. We are a team of professionals with deep knowledge of solar technology, solar design and solar markets worldwide. Our product designs and solutions map directly to needs of the people and will change lives.
Their Products:
  • Solar Home Modules: Affordable “plug and play” battery backed-up DC solar photovoltaic systems installed in a few hours, providing power for 2 to 8 lights or more
  • Device Re-Charging Modules: "Plug and play" charging modules for charging a variety of rechargeable products
  • Solar Lighting for streets, buildings, security, pathways for both resorts and commercial establishments
  • Cluster Scale Solar System: Solar PV system with distributed power, supplying 20-40 homes
  • Services: Warranty, repair or replacement for products as required. Our sales teams will work collaboratively with customers and system installers to train to ensure appropriate maintenance, and to identify improvements and new concepts
Their Services:
  • Energy Analysis and Solar Evaluation
  • Solar Electric, Grid Tied or Off Grid
  • Solar Hot Water for Commercial or Industrial Use
  • Power Purchase Agreement Consulting (PPA's)
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