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Climate Change Capital
What they do:
It advises and invests in companies that recognise combating global warming is both a necessity and an economic opportunity.

Its activities aim to make the world's environment cleaner while delivering attractive financial returns – Creating Wealth Worth Having®.
About the Organization:
Climate Change Capital is an investment manager and advisor specialising in the opportunities generated by the global transition to the low carbon economy.

CCC raises and deploys capital for numerous low carbon activities around the world and also acts as an advisor to companies and governments. These activities include: financing renewable energy projects and retrofitting commercial property in UK; capturing coal mine methane in China; advising on the acquisition and divestiture strategies for carbon intensive industries in the US and Europe and investing in waste-to-energy projects in China and Hungary.

With over US $1.5 billion under management as of April 2009, Climate Change Capital aims to provide attractive returns to investors, demonstrating the financial opportunity associated with the low carbon economy.
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