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What they do:
Over the past nine years, CSM has metamorphosed from an awareness raising focused agenda to an initiative-based one. Having learned keenly through our journey into the expansive CSR terrain, our focus at present is to employ a combination of partnership forging and research and bring our learnings to bear on policy-making in CSM’s areas of work. With this in mind, CSM currently has a variety of local and national activities.
How they work:
  • CSM is a ‘can-do’ organization with an entrepreneurial culture and a holistic vision of change.
  • Our role is to act as a catalyst and thought leader on key sustainability challenges of the day.
  • We work across niches and boundaries with a range of players to inspire new models of change.
  • We educate, mobilize, push boundaries and make possible new spaces for debate and action on sustainability issues.
  • We are committed to partnership and work actively and pro-actively with others to build synergies and magnify our impact
About the Organization:
CSM is an independent, non-profit dedicated to making markets work for the triple bottom line – people, planet and profit. Founded in 2000, by Indian social entrepreneur Malini Mehra, CSM is a values-based organization with a transformative agenda. Our founding philosophy is that markets are social institutions that must reflect the best human norms, values and practice if outcomes are to be just and ecologically sound. Through our offices in India, the United Kingdom, and an international network of partners and associates, we work to forge leadership, promote solutions, and drive the transition to sustainability and human rights in the climate age.

Our primary constituencies are: (1) Domestic industry and related stakeholders in countries such as India, and (2) the Indian Diaspora worldwide. CSM is largely funded through public and private grants in India and abroad.

The Centre for Social Markets is in the business of transformation - social, economic, political and institutional - for the public interest. CSM promotes a progressive social and environmental agenda by harnessing the power and potential of markets, entrepreneurs and other economic actors to do good.

CSM's mission is to fundamentally change the culture of markets and other social institutions to advance social justice, human rights and sustainable development.

Such a culture change will not be possible without changing current mindsets, attitudes and behaviors at the individual and institutional level.

CSM believes that such change has to be guided by respect for internationally accepted human rights norms and standards, and a personal commitment to civic action for the benefit of current and future generations ,in particular the most disadvantaged.

CSM seeks to accomplish its mission through democratic values and procedures of transparency, accountability, participation and an intolerance of corruption. It expects the same of its partners and associates.
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