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Department of Agriculture & Cooperation
About the Organization:
The Ministry comprises of Department of Agriculture & Cooperation, Department of Agricultural Research & Education and Department of Animal Husbandry & Dairying.

The Secretary (A & C) is the administrative head of the Department and Principal Adviser to the Minister on all matters of policy and administration within the Department. He/She is assisted by Additional Secretaries, Agriculture Commissioner, Economic Statistical Advisor, Joint Secretaries,Horticulture Commissioner and Plant Protection Advisor.

There is one Technology Mission on Oil Seeds and Pulses (TMOP) & one Commission for Agricultural Cost & Prices (CACP) under the Department.
Green Initiatives:
  • Formulates and implements National Policies and Programmes for achieving rapid growth and development through optimum utilization of country’s land, water, soil and plant resources.
  • Undertakes developmental planning, Agricultural Census, assists States in undertaking scarcity relief measures and in management of natural calamities.
  • Formulates cooperative policy relating to cooperation and cooperative organisations, cooperative training and education.
  • To bring about integrated development of marketing of agricultural produce and to safeguard the economic interests of the farming community in general.
  • Formulate policies for improving agricultural extension services by adopting new institutional arrangements through the involvement of NGOs Farmers’ organisations and Agricultural Universities aiming at integrated extension services.
  • Strengthening the cooperative movement through National Cooperative Development Corporation (NCDC), National Agricultural Cooperative Marketing Federation of India Limited (NAFED) and National Cooperative Union of India (NCUI).
  • Promoting plant protection measures and practices through dissemination of information and education of various functionaries involved in agricultural production.
  • Supplementing the efforts of State Governments for increasing the production and productivity of agricultural and horticultural crops through promotional programmes.
  • Promoting measures for production of quality seeds and distribution of improved plant varieties developed by the scientists for increasing productivity.
  • Promotion of farm mechanisation.
  • Developing suitable strategies for rainfed farming through peoples’ participation for holistic and integrated development of potential watersheds and promotion of farming system approach for augmenting income and nutrition levels of agricultural communities.
  • Arranging Agricultural Census and inputs survey through States for providing information on land uses, cropping pattern, tenancy, irrigation, seeds, disbursal of operational holdings and consumption of various inputs.
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