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Euro Multivision

What they do:
Euro Multivision Ltd. offers Mono & Multi Crystalline Solar Cells, which bring a market-oriented and sustainable response to the challenges of the global renewable energy demands. Our integrated manufacturing lines produce solar cells at lowest cost/MW. We have a fully-automated inline plant for solar cells production starting from the raw wafer material until the sorted cells. This approach results in higher process yields, reduction in operator headcount, considerable reduction of the required floor space, higher product quality, increased uptime and a reduction in the total cost of ownership.

The demands for clean power are increasing; the solar industry is maturing to a solid and sustainable alternative in the global energy system. Our contributes to the transition of the solar industry are fast-growing and profitable industry.

Euro Multivision Ltd. aim is to reduce the cost price and bring higher yield by improving traditional production processes and inline integration. Our company is built on the extensive experience and patented technology of OTB Group in the research, development and manufacturing of inline equipment. We believe that Inline manufacturing - compared to batch manufacturing, has been an important tool to reduce the total cost of ownership at the manufacturing level.
About the organization
We would like to introduce our self as one of the leading Group in India engaged in the manufacturing and trading of various interior and exterior building materials such as Euro Vitrified & Ceramic Tiles, Agglomerated Marble, Aluminium Section, Aluminium Composite Panels (EURO Bond), Hardware & Sanitary ware Fittings, Plywood, Veneers, Laminates, Mica, Canfor, Tangent - Imported Furniture, Sponge Iron, CDR, DVDR, Glass Articles, EURO Dry Battery Cell and Wooden Flooring.

Over the last few years, the energy sectors, economic, social and political factors have developed a perfect platform for renewable energies, viz: wind and solar energy. The global warming, rising prices of fossil fuels and development in these emerging technologies have exerted enormous pressures on the governments worldwide to support and encourage these new formats by way of subsidies and favourable policies. India is also not an exception where the state governments have off late started developing pro-renewable energy plans, which will improve their contribution to global energy scenario.

Euro Multivision Ltd. is embarking upon Photo Voltaic (PV) electricity generation with one 40 MW complete inline Solar PV Cell manufacturing plant to be expanded to 200 MW capacity. We are committed to development of long- term, reciprocal and rewarding relationships with our investors, employees, customers and the society in general by providing the solar energy solutions at lower prices and higher efficiency. We are prepared to offer complete integrated supply chain value with cost competitiveness.
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