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What they do:
At EVI, we pride ourselves on a potent mix of rigorous analytical skills, boundless creativity, and a roving eye for “Sustainable Solutions for the Environment.” We work with more than 150 clients and have successfully registered 24 CDM projects across India, having transacted over 3.6 million CERs to date. In the Voluntary markets, we have successfully executed over 20 projects, with transactions of over 10 million VERs. Our footprint extends to Pakistan, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Africa and Europe. Some of our milestones include “first-of-their-kind” project registrations in the sectors of Wind, Hydro and Solid Waste Management, as well as an innovative Waste-heat Recovery system powered by natural gas. We stand at the forefront of emerging ideas and technology as we develop projects in Super Critical Thermal power plants, the Bus Rapid Transportation System, Reforestation and Programmatic CDM.
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Some of the outstanding milestones by Emergent Ventures are:
  • Registration of the largest hydro power project in the world
  • Registration of the first wind project in India
  • Registration of the first municipal solid waste in India
  • One of the largest voluntary market deals in India
  • Carbon Neutrality service
Our experience across various sectors enables us to overcome challenges with innovative solutions. We are now marching ahead into fresher pastures such as the transportation sector, plantation sector and programmatic CDM. Driven by a passion to contribute towards climate change mitigation and sustainable development, people from diverse backgrounds form the taskforce at Emergent Ventures.The company in still emerging with novel ventures and will continue to bring prosperity through its performance.
About the organization
Since its inception in late 2004 to provide solutions to mitigate climate change, Emergent Ventures India has been expanding as a renowned CDM advisory in India. Inspired by a vision and experience of its dedicated members, the company has ventured into newer spheres in a very short span of time. The company’s first CDM project was registered in 2005. Till date 20 projects have been registered covering a wide array of sectors. Towards the end of 2006, Emergent Ventures stepped into the voluntary market and achieved its first success. In 2007, the company launched another service – Carbon Neutrality, for corporates and organizations to achieve the “zero emissions” goal.
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