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Forest Survey of India
About the organization
Forest Survey of India (FSI) was created in June, 1981 with the objective of monitoring periodically (10 years cycle) the changing situation of land and forest resources and present the data for national planning; conservation and management of environmental preservation and implementation of social forestry projects.
After a critical review of its activities, FSI was re-organised w.e.f. 1.7.1986. The revised objectives of FSI are as follows:-
1. To prepare a comprehensive State of Forest Report (SFR) including National Forest Vegetation Map (NVM) once in every two years. It will also prepare thematic maps through use of remote sensing data with minimum essential ground truth verification on a 10 years cycle.
2. To collect, store and retrieve necessary forestry and forestry related data for national and state level planning and to create a computer based National basic Forest Inventory System (NBFIS)
3. To design methodologies relating to forest surveys and subsequent updating. This would include methodology for:
  • Vegetation mapping including thematic maps through use of satellite imagery/aerial photographs.
  • Ground with verification.
  • Growing stock and volume assessment.
4. To undertake work in regard to preparation of forest inventory in selected States/UTs on agency basis until establishment of their own resources survey units.
5. To impart training in modern forest survey techniques to forests at various levels of responsibility in the States/UTs/GOI.
6. To advise the States/UTs on design and development of regional NBFIS.
7. To support and oversee technique/inventory work undertaken by State/UT Forest Departments.
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