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Frenz Greenearth Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
What they do:
Highly Qualified in-house Engineers, Chartered Accountants, PHD Holders, Architects, Professors with value addition from International Network of Associates provides the client Timely, Cost Effective & High Quality Service from Frenz.
CDM / Carbon Credit Consultancy Services
  • CDM Project Development for submission to MoEF and UNFCCC
  • Voluntary Emission Reduction Project Development for submission to Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX)
  • Performing CDM Project Feasibility Study
  • Preparing Project Concept Notes (PCN)
  • Preparing Project Design Document (PDD)
  • Preparing Project Informaiton Document (PID)
  • Designing Project Methodologies
  • Designing Monitoring & Verification Protocols
  • Assisting in securing Approvals from MoEF
  • Assisting in appointing Designated Operating Entity (DOE)
  • Assisting in Project Validation
  • Assisting in CDM Executive Board (EB) Registration
  • Sourcing of International Buyer Organisations for Certified Emission Reductions (CER) and Voluntary Emission Reductions (VER)
  • Assisting in signing Emission Reduction Purchase Agreement (ERPA)
‘Green Building’ Consultancy Services
At Frenz, we believe that a ‘Green Building’ is one that lives in harmony with the environment and gives more to it than what it takes away from it. Our basic idea of a ‘Green Building’ revolves around the following principles,

  • Using least natural and virgin resources
  • Maximize the benefits to the project by aligning it as per the sun, wind and other natural phenomena
  • By using alternate and renewable sources of materials
  • By using eco-friendly building materials, processes and technologies
  • By suggesting use of waste materials in construction that have been proven or use
  • By maximizing the reuse of water, sewage, garbage etc
  • By using principles of Solar Passive Architecture and allowing natural light and air to flow freely through the buildings
  • By suggesting methods to make the building energy efficient with low heat loss/ gain values
  • Reuse of demolition waste
  • Using value engineering concepts for choice of optimum building materials (cost wise)
  • Suggesting standardization approach as a method to speed up and optimize work.
  • Use principles of waste control to save depletion of natural resources used as material in construction
  • We provide consultancy to use all best practices including the above that make a building an inclusive part of the environment. We can also assist clients to get International LEEDS certification for their building projects
Green Technology Consultancy Services
  • Performing Project Feasibility Study
  • Researching on International Technologies those will be suitable to the existing setup of the Project
  • Recommending the best Socio-Economic Technology for the Project
  • Assisting in signing Technology Transfer Agreement (TTA)
  • Assisting in securing Approvals from Government
  • Assisting in appointing Project Management Consultants (PMC)
CDM Project Financial Advisory Services
  • Designing CDM Projects
  • Working as the Indian Fund Manager for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the field of Renewable Energy & CDM Projects
  • Assisting in securing Project Finance
CDM Project Financial Advisory Services
  • Increasing Awareness about Earth & it’s Environment in Industries & Society
  • Performing Research & Development to invent State-of-Art Technologies for the Environmental Care
About the organization:
  • The Ethical, Professionally Driven International Consultancy & Emission Trading Organization fueled by Vision to work for the Betterment of Earth & its Environment
  • The Consultancy Organisation providing end-to-end services in the field of Carbon Credits and UNFCCC CDM Project Development
  • The Reliable International Trading & Broking Organization of Intangible Assets like CERs, VERs (Carbon Credits)
  • The Design & Consultancy Organisation in the field of ‘Green Building Construction’
  • The Fund Management Company for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the field of Renewable Energy and Environment Friendly Technologies
  • The Marketing & Sales Agency of Environment Friendly Products & Services
  • The Importer and Exporter of Eco-Friendly Products
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