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Ministry of Water Resources
About the organization:
The history of the subject 'Irrigation and Power' dates back to 1855, when it was made the responsibility of the then newly created Department of Public Works, but the work on irrigation and related policy got impetus only in 1858 when a severe famine occurred. Then it was decided to take up the work of canal construction on an extensive scale and an Inspector-General of Canals was appointed to oversee expeditious large-scale construction work.

The following items of work were transferred from the Ministry of Agriculture (Department of Agriculture and Cooperation) to the Ministry of Irrigation w.e.f. 22.7.1980:-
  1. Irrigation for agricultural purposes
  2. Minor and emergency irrigation
  3. Groundwater exploration.
With the redesignation of the Ministry of the Water Resources, purposive steps were taken to fulfill the role expected of the Ministry with this new perspective calling for overall planning and coordination of all aspects of the development of the country's water resources.
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