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What they do:
Nalamwar Energy Systems Pvt. Ltd. –NESPL are the pioneers in Air Water Heating technology in India.

Air Water Heater (AWH): It is a concept where the heat from atmospheric air is absorbed, and is transferred to water for water heating. Air Water Heater can extract heat from Himalayan air i.e. sub-zero temp (up to 30 oC) saving of up to 80% and up to 99% space.

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About the organization:
We are a team of engineers having combined experience of over 50 years.

Our guiding force is Mr. Prakash Nalamwar, Ex-servicemen (Air Force).

Our team leader is Anup Nalamwar, age 32 years, has hands on experience in Renewable Energy (Solar Thermal, Photo voltaic), Wind Energy (Mega Watt series Wind Turbine Generators), Process Compressor, Air, Gas & with world renowned consultants like Bechtel, EIL etc.

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