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What they do:
Growing Algae has the property to absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen due to photosynthesis. There are several species of algae. 'Nualgi' is a research product that can grow diatom algae on almost any water substrate be it the sea,high saline water, fresh water,sewage water, effluent water etc. The use of Nualgi replaces green and blue green algae with diatom algae and is soon converted to zooplankton forming live food for fishes.
For preventing growth of toxic algal species called 'Red Tides' in the sea

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About the Organisation:
Nualgi Nanobiotech has invented and manufactures Nualgi. Nualgi is a nano technology micro nutrient in powder form, for causing a bloom of Diatom Algae in any type of water. Diatom Algae are the most beneficial of all groups of algae. They are responsible for about 50% of the food in the oceans and 50% of oxygen in the atmosphere. They absorb huge amounts of Carbon dioxide during photosynthesis. Diatoms are the natural food for fish. Thus increasing the diatom population leads to more dissolved oxygen in water, more food for fish and hence more fish and less carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Nualgi is meant for use in sewage treatment, bioremediation of lakes, rivers and estuaries, aquaculture ponds, deep sea for carbon sequestrisation, etc.Oxygen from diatoms substitutes oxygen from electric powered aerators used in sewage treatment plants, aquaculture ponds, polluted lakes, etc. Nualgi contains Silica, Iron and other micro nutrients required by diatoms. All these are in nanosize particles for easy absorption by micro algae.
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