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Praj Industries Ltd.
What they do:
Praj Foundation’ (PF), the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) arm of Praj Industries Limited was formed in the year 2004. We recognize the fact that Praj being a part of the society has a responsibility towards this society, its ecological environment and the state in which we are leaving it for the next generation. Praj is in the business of providing Green fuel Technology. This contributes to Sustainable Development and helps reduce Global warming. Our Corporate Social Responsibility agenda has a strong focus on ‘Sustainable Development’. We are committed towards improving the quality of life of employees, their families, local communities and stakeholders - up and down the supply chain.

The Praj Foundation has identified Environment, Health-care, Education, Art and Welfare of Underprivileged sections of society as its focus areas. It primarily supports or undertakes activities in Pune district. Praj Foundation operates either through executing Projects themselves or supports projects implemented by other reputed agencies, which fit within our ideological framework.

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About the organization:
Energy equations around the world are changing rapidly, making renewable energy sources a part of every nation’s energy policy. Biofuels has been acknowledged as a proven alternative to fossil fuels like petrol (gasoline) and diesel for transportation. Praj has been creating innovative technology platforms to make biofuels a sustainable and attractive choice for all stakeholders for the past 25 years. Apart from making agri-linkages stronger, biofuels work towards mitigation of greenhouse gases for a cleaner, greener environment. Praj has one of the largest resource base deployed in the industry towards the cause of environment.

Praj also has a noteworthy presence in the Brewery industry for engineering and equipment for beer production.

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