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Solar India
What they do:
Solar India is an initiative of professionals to promote the development of Solar Industry, the most comprehensive website to promote solar industry in India. Our associates span across the globe and include various experts in the industry along the wide spectrum of research, manufacturing and marketing.

The group offers various services in:
  • Setting up solar energy and product production units
  • Setting up solar farms
  • Establishing contact between buyers and suppliers of raw materials and products
  • Assistance in compliance with Regulatory Issues in India
  • Planning and organizing finance requirements
  • Research Services
  • Covering news and latest happenings of Solar Industry in India
  • Promoting and Organizing Solar Events, Conferences and Exhibitions
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About the organization:
Solar India is a part of Analysis Securities Pvt. Ltd., a company engaged in consultancy work since its establishment 15 years ago. The company offers legal and financial advisory across a wide spectrum of industries such as IT, auto manufacturing, finance, solar, etc.
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