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Valence Energy
What they do:
  • Consulting and Smart Energy Audits
  • Design and Installation of Distributed Generation (DG)
  • Design, Installation, and Operation of Smart Microgrids
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About the Organisation:
Valence’s mission is to deliver innovative solutions and services that empower organizations and communities to improve energy efficiency, reduce costs, reduce carbon footprint through green energy, and increase reliability and security.

Valence Energy develops and deploys “smart microgrid” energy solutions through innovative design and integration software services.

A Smart Microgrid uses an intelligent software to integrate distributed energy technologies (ex. solar, wind, biomass, plug-in electric cars, etc) with smart meters and devices to both monitor and control energy supply and demand for a community (e.g. set of city buildings, corporate campus, university campus, housing township, etc).

Key features include:
  • Distributed generation (solar, wind, bio-diesel, micro turbines, energy storage)
  • Islanding capability
  • Demand Response
  • Intelligent integration of distributed energy sources
  • Device-level energy monitoring and control
The smart microgrid 1) uses alternative sources of distributed generation, which can reduce peak load on the grid and lower carbon footprints and 2) using information technology to optimize usage and demand to further reduce and smooth the load profile.
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