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WinWind Power Energy Pvt. Ltd.
What they do:
  • Reliable Wind Turbine
  • Grid-friendly electricity
  • Optimal Energy Production
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About the Organisation:
After SIG's acquisition of controlling stake in Winwind Oy, Winwind Power Energy Private Limited (WPEPL) was incorporated in India as a 100% subsidiary of Winwind Oy. Keeping in mind the vast potential of wind power in India and the presence of the Sterling Group, WPEPL has been established with a goal of making WinWinD a global leader and reaching out to markets in Asia Pacific region.

WPEPL is setting up its state of the art factory near Chennai; this facility will have enough installed capacity to cater to the Indian market and the international market. The facility will house the assembly unit for the 1 MW and the 3 MW turbines. The facility will also house the blade production facility of the 1 MW and the 3 MW turbines.

WPEPL focuses on reliability and efficiency, as well as ease of maintenance, which results in the lowest production costs during the entire lifespan of the turbine. This is achieved by the innovative WWD wind turbine which is based on a planetary gear and a low-speed synchronous permanent magnet generator.

WinWinD Oy also has offices in Portugal and Estonia apart from its office in Finland.
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